Monthly Archives: April 2017

Social Media has completely changed the way we reach people, and therefore the PR industry has had to impact, quickly. Traditionally PR and Digital Marketing sat quite separately, maybe even in different offices. in 2017 – they are very much connected, often even sat with the same person. If we wrote all about all of […]

In 2010, the word “hashtag” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. In 2014, it was added to the Scrabble Dictionary. #Honestly. But what is a hashtag? And how can it be used to benefit your business’s use of social media? Here are the ins and outs of the #.

Once upon a time, things were straightforward for ‘Exact’ match – a user’s search term had to exactly match your keyword for your ad to be eligible to show. Simple enough, right? Google, however, had other plans…