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In the last couple of weeks or so, Snap Inc. (formerly known as Snapchat) have unveiled a new concept perfect for the documenting individual: Snapchat Spectacles. The product is simple: sunglasses with the ability to record the user’s field of vision for up to 10 seconds, just like a Snapchat. The video can then be […]

Ever since May it has been known that tweets would be changing, becoming longer as images, GIFs, links and polls are to be removed from the 140 character count. You may remember we did previously blog on this subject – but not all changes have taken effect yet!

After learning that businesses had taken to using Instagram as a platform, its developers conducted hundreds of interviews with business owners to learn more about how their service could be improved. Here we chart the new changes and what they mean for Instagram as a tool for business. Three demands from marketers were clear. As […]

The Power of Social Media

What started as a way to simply stay connected with friends and family has snowballed into something altogether more exciting and powerful. Social media is no longer just a place to interact with friends, but a space where news is broken, created and shared. One post can reach thousands, for good or for bad reasons. […]