BlueFrog Social for Catering

What is BlueFrog Social for Catering?

We’ve been busy cooking up something new. You may have already spotted our social posts, announcing the launch of BlueFrog Social for Catering. But what exactly is it, and why are we the people to deliver services for this industry?


Reasons to give your Facebook page an overhaul

In today’s world, your Facebook business page is as important as your website homepage.

It’s the first place many potential customers will land before they decide if they want to shop from, support or visit you. For a great deal of businesses though, keeping Facebook pages up-to-date falls somewhere near the bottom of their social media to-do list.

This is no surprise, with the ever-growing number of tasks there are to take care of when it comes to social. But we believe neglecting your brand’s page could be costing you and that it is well worth regularly dedicating some time to a Facebook spring clean.


We have exciting news!

This February we’re opening a pilot office in London, increasing accessibility for our national clients.


What are Facebook’s latest changes?

As some of you may be aware, Facebook’s head honcho, Mark Zuckerberg, sets a challenging New Year’s resolution every year – with past year’s including learning Mandarin and meeting a new person every day.

This year’s, however, is more work related – it’s simply ‘Fixing Facebook’. 

Zuckerberg published more details on this on the social network last week – outlining the company’s plans to rework news feeds and to help users ‘have more meaningful social interactions’. Facebook plan on encouraging more worthwhile interactions by promoting more personal posts over content that simply offers a ‘passive experience’.


Facebook for business in 2018

Here at BlueFrog we’re based in beautiful North Devon, an area that relies heavily on tourism. Therefore January, and the out of season period, can be a challenging time for businesses. We’re sure it’s the same throughout the country for many companies relying on retail. After the rush of Christmas, Boxing Day sales, New Year celebrations and spontaneous purchases, January can often be difficult to secure sales, guests or bookings.

With that in mind, discover how you can use Facebook to help with your company’s January lulls…