What is community management? | Laptop Surrounded By Social Media Icons

As social media marketing has evolved, community management has become an integral part of any strategy. Even if you were not previously aware of the term, chances are elements of it are already in place for your business.


BlueFrog Media Operations Manager, Kim

What’s the Operations Manager at a social media marketing agency responsible for? Kim, BlueFrog Media’s very own Operations Manager who oversees our community management services, has answered our questions to give you the lowdown on her role and department.


Are you a new business looking to be found through search engines? Or an up and running business looking to climb higher up the rankings? Either way, search engine optimisation is key to your business’ success. Get to know the basics in our beginner’s guide to SEO.


Facebook Algorithm

As some of you may be aware, head honcho, Mark Zuckerberg, sets a challenging New Year’s resolution every year – with past year’s including learning Mandarin and meeting a new person every day.

This year’s, however, is more work related – it’s simply ‘Fixing Facebook’. 

Zuckerberg published more details on Facebook’s algorithm changes last week. He outlined the company’s plans to rework news feeds and help users ‘have more meaningful social interactions’. Facebook plan on encouraging more worthwhile interactions by promoting more personal posts over content that simply offers a ‘passive experience’. 


updating your Facebook business page

In today’s world, updating your Facebook business page is as important as updating your website homepage.

It’s the first place potential customers will land before they decide whether to shop from, support or visit you. For a great deal of businesses though, keeping Facebook up-to-date falls somewhere near the bottom of their social media to-do list.

This is no surprise. The list of tasks to take care of when it comes to social is ever-growing. But neglecting your brand’s page could cost you, so it is well worth dedicating time to a Facebook spring clean.


A guide to social listening


With so much focus on what your brand should be posting on social media, social listening is often a little neglected or forgotten about completely.

What this means is that businesses are missing out on invaluable, easily accessible market research. There are conversations taking place across all social platforms related to your brand and industry, and a lot to be learned from listening to these.

Follow our guide to social listening and you’ll soon see the value social listening can add to your marketing strategy.


GDPR Important Changes to UK data protection law

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR as it is more commonly known, is a new piece of data protection legislation coming into United Kingdom law on 25th May 2018. It seeks to build upon the current Data Protection Act (DPA), by implementing stricter rules and regulations on what is and is not permitted when processing personal data. Applicable to all businesses in the United Kingdom, as well as the European Union, in this blog post we take a closer look at the new regulations coming into force.