What is Social Listening?

Social Listening is becoming more and more popular in social media campaigns, but what exactly is it?

Good question. Social Listening is the process used by marketing teams to monitor what consumers are saying about a brand or industry online. It’s most popularly used on Twitter as part of a Community Management service and consists of tracking conversations around key words, phrases, topics or brands and using these insights to interact with, and create content for, these audiences. Social Listening is more than just monitoring your mentions and notifications; it allows you to find positive feedback, questions, complaints or any general comments made by your consumers online, where they haven’t directly messaged or tagged you.

Why is Social Listening So Important?

Social Media is continuing to grow on a daily basis, with it not just being a platform to discover news and updates about your business, but also a way for consumers to provide feedback – whether positive or negative. With a myriad of ways for customers to share their feedback and experiences online, both directly and anonymously, Social Listening is a great way to find and evaluate them.

In other words, Social Listening opens up a window into people’s honest thoughts, feelings and opinions about your brand. By seeing what your consumers are really saying about you, whether as a service, product or business as a whole, it can help to make valuable changes to your social media strategy. Customers should be your main influence to such campaigns, and their online feedback can aid your response to refining content and building better products to improve overall customer satisfaction.

How Can Social Listening Help My Business?

Now that you’re clued up on what Social Listening is, here’s a few simple ways you can put it to use in your social media campaigns.

Track Brand Love

One of the biggest benefits of using Social Listening in your social campaigns is the ability to track brand love. If you want to get an overall picture of what is being said about your brand online – social media is the place to go. Through effective Social Listening, you can start to weigh up both negative and positive comments, and see how these reflect your brand’s online reputation.

Create Appropriate Content

If you don’t know your audience, the likelihood is that you’re not creating content they want to see. As a result, it’s super hard to get your consumers to engage in your brand, and almost impossible to convert them into leads. With Social Listening, you can see what hashtags, keywords and topics your customers are using when speaking about your service/product, and action your social media campaigns accordingly to create the content they crave.

Making Important Product Decisions

Making decisions to change current products or create new ones can be super hard to get just right, but Social Listening can help identify what your consumers want. It can help answer questions such as: what features did they like the most? What features would they change? What new products would they like to see? Which is vital and extremely helpful feedback to have when planning a new product launch.

How can Bluefrog Media help?
Here at Bluefrog Media, we offer a Social Listening service to support your brand’s social campaigns. Our experienced team are trained to identify what consumers are saying about you online and interact with them accordingly. If you would like more details on how we can help, pop us a message on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or get in touch here.

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With so much focus on what your brand should be posting on social media, social listening is often a little neglected or forgotten about completely.

What this means is that businesses are missing out on invaluable, easily accessible market research. There are conversations taking place across all social platforms related to your brand and industry, and a lot to be learned from listening to these.

Follow our guide to social listening and you’ll soon see the value social listening can add to your marketing strategy.


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