After learning that businesses had taken to using Instagram as a platform, its developers conducted hundreds of interviews with business owners to learn more about how their service could be improved. Here we chart the new changes and what they mean for Instagram as a tool for business. Three demands from marketers were clear. As social media becomes ever more pivotal in marketing, businesses using Instagram are aspiring to stand out, get clear insights into what they’re achieving, and draw in new customers.

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The biggest development from this research are the new business profiles, created by connecting your Instagram account to your company Facebook page. How will these profiles differ from your current Instagram experience? As a business owner, they will allow a seamless expansion of your social networking circle, as well as choice in how customers contact you, with interested parties able to email or call with just one button. For smaller businesses, this should help reel in potential customers with ease.


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A new feature which business owners will welcome across the board is Insights. This is set to give quick access into who posts are reaching and what this is doing for your marketing. Pros and cons of your current marketing methods will be revealed and your social media strategy can be reworked accordingly.


Thanks to Insights you’ll also be able to see exact demographics of who your posts are reaching. Website clicks, follower activity and impressions of your posts and profile will be available too, and creating content specific for customers at the most opportune times will only become simpler as a result. So for example, if you are North Devon based, you will be able to cater towards a North Devon demographic and promote your services in the most valuable way.


An easier way to boost your posts is another addition Instagram have lined up. With the click of a button, target a specific demographic and ensure your content reaches a wider audience relevant to your brand. For instance, local businesses that thrive best within small communities could reach local customers, or alternatively those keen on ambition could use these tools to expand outside of their area by reaching out to a larger population.


What do you think of these new developments? Have you been using Instagram’s standard services as a business tool, or will the latest updates be your introduction into this platform? If you’d like to work together on tying Instagram and all the benefits of its new business friendly changes into your social media plan, talk to us today.

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