Ever since May it has been known that tweets would be changing, becoming longer as images, GIFs, links and polls are to be removed from the 140 character count. You may remember we did previously blog on this subject – but not all changes have taken effect yet!

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As of this week images and GIFs are no longer included in the length of a tweet, but links still count, taking up a precious 23 characters. This may change again in the near future, but at the time of writing links still need to be carefully included in a tweet, something we are all hoping will change soon. It is also worth noting that quote tweets, and re-tweeting yourself will no longer take up any of your characters.


Overall, this may seem like a small update, but they give you extra room for another couple of words, or more crucially for small businesses, another important handle or hashtag can be included, to get your message across and to gain further reach with your tweets. We’ve already noticed a real increase in the reach and engagement of tweets we’ve created since the changes were made.


What we have been finding to be game changing at BlueFrog is the still fairly quiet Twitter Dashboard: dashboard.twitter.com


  • For small and medium businesses the Dashboard allows you to:
  • Schedule tweets
  • See all your mentions in one place
  • Monitor keywords
  • Get a performance overview and see how your tweets performed


The introduction of this app means setting up tweets and then seeing how they performed has never been easier. Especially when important meetings and crucial work takes over, thinking about writing a fresh tweet needn’t be a worry.


Being able to see what worked well, and what didn’t, will allow small and medium businesses to repeat the success time and time again. Reaching more people with more tweets will become easier and, if done correctly, bring in more customers.


For those new to Twitter or just starting up their business, make the most of all the tweet characters available – remember you get images and GIFs for free now so don’t waste that all important extra space. Plus, experiment with the Twitter Dashboard to see what you can achieve. Let us know how it goes.


Whether or not you’re already using Twitter Dashboard and tweeting regularly, you can contact BlueFrog to find out how we can work together to increase your success and take your social media reach even further.


Social Media

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