Social Media has completely changed the way we reach people, and therefore the PR industry has had to impact, quickly. Traditionally PR and Digital Marketing sat quite separately, maybe even in different offices. in 2017 – they are very much connected, often even sat with the same person. If we wrote all about all of the different advantages of PR, this post would be far too long and you may fall asleep. So instead, we’re focusing on how press releases: covering what they are, how they can help and everything in between. Grab a snack, a cup of tea, and let’s chat PR…

The benefits of a press release as part of your content strategy:

Press Release

Knowing your demographic and target audiences is part of owning a business and targeting your content marketing strategy.

Just like you would consider your audience when writing social media content, the same considerations are needed when writing press releases. Consider your tone of voice and what you want your audience to gain from the press release.

Having continuity across PR and social media will only help your business’ branding, and awareness. See a press release as a juicy story that you want your audience to read and to learn something from.

Note: A press release’s primary aim is not to sell a product, but to share stories/information/knowledge that is exclusive to your business.

Increase visibility in search engines:


We are all digital natives; choosing a Google search over picking up a newspaper. It’s just how times have changed.

Online content can become a deal-breaker for your brand’s awareness. We not only have the ability to send press releases to print media; we can also add SEO so it can be found on search engines by those interested in the news, event or business development.

By doing so, you can be found at this early stage by consumers and professionals who are just beginning to explore a subject or want to learn about a specific concept that your business offers.

Reach new audiences:


For the majority of businesses, increasing your audience is paramount to growth. Press releases are distributed on a variety of websites and media outlets to reach new audiences that otherwise did not know about your website, product or event.

From mass media to niche websites, press releases can gain coverage and encourage new people to check out what you have to offer and then decide to become a loyal customer.

Generate earned media:

earned media

Press releases are a respected document sent to media professionals regardless of if they work with online, print or broadcast platforms. Targeting the individuals in charge of a publication can increase your chances of media coverage of your content.

Although not all are successful, those that get picked up, are written about by journalists and bloggers can build attention for your business/brand.

This is why a lot of companies work with influencers, bloggers and YouTubers – it is a fantastic way to gain exposure and establish yourself as a reliable business to your target demographic.

Drive lead generation:

lead generation

Press releases often ask for a call-to-action (CTA) such as checking out a website, sign up for a newsletter, attending an event or downloading a document.

Sending these out encourages B2B or B2C readers to engage in the content, learn and become more active with the information presented to them. PR is another way to create conversation, engagement and interaction with your brand, building brand awareness fluidly alongside social media.

Like we said previously, having both working towards the same goal can only be a positive step within your digital marketing campaign.

It’s clear to see that PR is Pretty Rad. Okay, a terrible joke, but there’s nothing terrible about strengthening your campaign with press releases. They’re a handy way to strengthen your digital marketing campaign and help to achieve coverage that is often unachievable with social media alone.

If you’d like to see how we can help your business by providing PR support, we’d love to chat. Feel free to get in contact with the team today.


Author: Amy Paternoster
Recently becoming a Content Team Leader in the BlueFrog Pond, Amy has combined her previous experience in PR to offer support services for clients looking to strengthen their digital marketing campaign, working with both local and national clients to increase their exposure in the press and wider media.