Facebook Peak Times for Posts

When you go to post your content, you might find that social media’s a fickle thing. A post you put out at 6am might perform better than the same post at 6pm. A piece of content scheduled for 11am might flop, whereas if it had gone live at 8pm it could have potentially reached THOUSANDS of people! But why?! And what types of posts work better at what times?

Well, we’ve done the research* for you, looking at different themes of content which have been posted to Facebook – from motoring, to parenting, via the arts – in order to find out just what times are optimum for such posts.

The News

During the week, news was most-read between midday and 2pm, when people are taking their lunch breaks. 4pm is also a popular time – when school kicks out or you’re just waiting for the work day to end (!), and finally at 8pm, when you’re at home on the sofa browsing through your phone.

Weekends were different, with peaks being at 8am (wake up time!), 11am (brunch o’clock) and 7pm when, again, you’re on the sofa watching X Factor or some rubbish.

When it came to big breaking news though, there was no real peak time. It’s better to get it out as soon as possible, before others beat you to the punch!

Facebook News Peak Times



During the week, posts of a “business” nature were best-received first thing in the morning, when bright and breezy businesspeople are getting ready to seize the day, mid-morning and 7pm.

This changed slightly at weekends, with 8am and 10am being prime times in the morning – a later start at the weekend, perhaps – while 9pm was also a strong time for business-inspired posts.

Business Peak Times Facebook



It’s no real surprise that peak times for motoring and traffic news is early in the morning or late at night, both during the week and at weekends.

This is more than likely due to people wanting to know what’s going on traffic-wise before heading out for the day, or wanting to know about potential delays the following day.

Motoring Peak Times Facebook



Again, it’s no real surprise that parenting posts performed best early in the morning, when parents are begrudgingly waking up with eager, bright-eyed little ones.

Parenting news was also well-read at 10am and 4pm, after the weekday school run.

Parenting Children Peak Times Facebook


Food and Drink

When posting food and drink related news, you may think that peak times would be before meal times – wrong. Well, slightly wrong.

In fact, during the week posts performed better at 2pm and 7pm, after meals. After all, how often do you NOT know what you’re going to be having for tea that day – you’re more likely to engage in something food-related in advance, planning tomorrow’s dinner or tonight’s supper, perhaps?

Food and Drink Peak Times Facebook


Arts and Culture

The arts was a funny one, as there were a few occasions where posts performed well at one particular time and then flopped in the same slot a couple of days later!

The middle of the afternoon, 3pm, and early evening, 6pm, were both often seen to be dead times for content, but the arts did perform well in these slots.

The best slots were definitely 10am and 11am, where people could see the posts and perhaps plan events or concerts in their diaries, or leisurely peruse some lovely photos during a tea break.

Arts and Culture Peak Times Facebook



People seem to love shopping! Peak times were spread throughout the day, with commenters hinting at either visiting mentioned shops that day or planning to venture the following day(s).

Weekends were stronger than weekdays, as could be expected, with more people enjoying time off on Saturdays or Sundays – meaning more time to hit the shops!

Shopping Leisure Peak Times Facebook

Of course, the most important thing to bear in mind when posting social media content of any theme is the strength of it – is it well-written, packaged and targeting the right audience?

If you’re not sure that your content is strong enough, we’ll be happy to have a chat with you. Our dedicated social media team are in the office 365 days a year, from 9am to 9pm, meaning your social media needs are certainly well-catered for!

Get in touch if you want to know more about how we can help.


*Research was completed by Simon Lockyer, social media assistant at BlueFrog Media, who scrutinized, studied and analysed more than 120 posts to a local newspaper’s Facebook page.

During the investigation, Simon experimented with different times for the aforementioned subjects and their content, in order to determine the best times for such posts to go live on Facebook.