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Our latest Frog Blog is focused entirely on YOU – and we want to know all about how you use social media, to help us better understand how it’s used…

In the last few years, use of social media has undoubtedly become a HUGE part of everyday life.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat… all are different to certain degrees, but all have the same outcome to users – and that is to engross, entertain and engage.

However, we want to know how long you, Joe Public, spend on your social media. Which platforms do you use most often? When do you first check your Twitter feed? And why are you even on Facebook in the first place?!

Take our poll to help us get inside those lovely minds of yours, further understanding why we’re glued to our phones and tablets for hours on end every darn week…

How can we help?

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Do you use social media for your business? Do you need a little help managing that huge amount of interactions coming in on a daily basis, or a little extra push for content? We can help!

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