Google AdWords

Our latest Frog Blog details a few simple ways in which you can improve your AdWords account today…

At first glance, AdWords accounts can be somewhat overwhelming. A lot goes on inside these accounts that you either don’t have time to learn, or simply just don’t understand.

But don’t let this put you off. There are a range of simple changes and additions you can make that can have a bigger effect than you might think.

Below are three basic optimisation techniques that can increase and improve the quality of traffic coming to your site, and all without spending an extra penny.

Negative Keywords:

No entry

You may have spent hours piecing together the perfect keyword list that encompasses everything your perfect customer would search for when searching for your perfect product or service.

Perfect? I’m afraid not. You’ve completely neglected negative keywords which are just as important as the keywords you’re bidding on.

Negative keywords ensure your ads aren’t showing to the wrong people i.e. those who simply wouldn’t be interested in the product or service you have to offer and SAVE YOU MONEY.

Don’t Waste Your Money:

For instance, let’s say you are a used car dealer using AdWords that, due to an inherent fear of water, refuses to stock blue cars. If somebody searches for ‘blue second hand car’, there is a chance that one of your keywords from your perfect keyword list is triggered by this keyword and your ad then shows. That user will click your ad, arrive at your site, see that for some strange reason there are no blue cars in stock and leave. This has just cost you money. In fact, it has wasted your money. And if this keeps happening, your wasted money is going to stack up and you’ll have an AdWords account that isn’t profitable.

Now, if you added ‘blue’ as a negative keyword in the first place, there’d be no wasted money as your ad wouldn’t have even been shown in the first place. And THAT is why negative keywords are absolutely vital to have in your account.

When adding negatives keywords, start by using your knowledge of your own business and put yourself in your customer’s’ shoes to come up with a list. If you don’t sell blue cars, add ‘blue’ as a negative. If you don’t do free quotes, add ‘free’ as a negative etc.

As you account continues to drive clicks, you can check which search terms triggered your ads to show (under keywords > search terms in AdWords) and start to find negative keywords in there. I guarantee you there will be some negatives in there you hadn’t thought of!

Ad Copy Tweaks:


Getting your ad copy right is essential as, in many cases, it will be the first and lasting impression that someone has of your business. More to the point, it can be the difference between somebody visiting your site or a competitor.

To make your ads as enticing as possible, it’s good to follow the below best practices. This is proven to increase the likelihood of a user clicking on your ad:

Capitalize Copy

That’s not to say capitalize as in CAPITALIZE, but to capitalize the first letter of each word in the headlines and description in your ad. This makes the copy more visually appealing and gives it more of a professional look.

Include Unique Selling Points

Unique selling points (USPs) can be anything that you feel gives you the edge over competitors. Strictly speaking, It doesn’t have to be unique, but the more niche the better.

Examples of this include:

  • Free Delivery On Orders Over £xx
  • Free No Obligation Quote
  • Over xx Years Experience in xxxxx
  • Fully Qualified Staff

Add a Price Point

If possible, include a price for the particular product or service you offer within your ad. You could showing the cheapest price on the search results page, or you be the only ad in on the page showing a price at all.

Encourage the User to Take Action

Using a call to action (CTA) is a good way to encourage urgency, leading to the user taking action by clicking on your ad, landing on your site and making a purchase/enquiry. ‘Buy Now!’, ‘Call Today’, ‘Get a Quote Today’ and ‘Enquire Now’ are popular CTAs. Adding an exclamation point to the end of these further increases that urgency!

Taking in the above recommendations, below is an example of what your ad should now look like…

Google advert 1

…but there’s more you can do to your ad to increase its appeal.

Ad Extensions:


Your ad might be capitalized correctly and contain a price point, USP and CTA, but does it have any ad extensions?

Ad extensions are exactly what they sound like – extensions of the ads. They are what tinsel is to a Christmas tree, but with a lot more value. Extensions not only help your ad take up more space on the search results page, pushing competitors down the page and out of site. They also help increase your keyword quality score which ultimately leads to a lower average cost per click.

Extensions come in many different formats and they are essentially a way of extended the content and size of your ad on the search results page. Below is an explanation of the most popular extensions available:


Links to other pages on your site. Someone might be looking for a particular used car, and they can get to the right page on your site directly from one of your ads.


Non-clickable extensions where USPs are best utilised. See it as an extension to the description part of your ad.

Structured Snippets

A handy extension that allows you to highlight aspects of the product or services you offer in list format. Categories include amenities, brands, courses, destinations, types, styles, service catalogue and more.


Add your phone number to your add – some users may prefer to call you directly, rather than visiting your site. This extension enables users to call by clicking on your ad on a mobile phone as well.


A good alternative to including price points in ads. You can display prices of your products/services below your add, in order to give the user a better idea of costs before they (hopefully) click through to your site. Another opportunity to oust competition!

All of these extensions and more can be added within the AdWords interface under the ‘Ad Extensions’ tab. With some of the aforementioned extensions activated, your ads should now look a bit more like this:

Google advert 2

A much more informative, appealing and professional appearance!

Still unsure how to make the most of your AdWords account? Get in touch with us – we’re happy to help!