content writing apprenticeship

When Lucy started her apprenticeship at BlueFrog, she had plans to head to university once it was finished. Little did she know she’d end up being a full time frog! Read her story…

After completing my A-Levels in June 2016, I chose to have a break from education for a year, with plans to head to university in September 2017.

Little did I know just 4 short weeks later I’d be bored, lacking in funds and missing my friends. In this moment I had a brainwave, and after a week’s experience in a local marketing agency, I was eager to be productive in my year’s hiatus from education and embark on an apprenticeship.

What appealed to me in an apprenticeship wasn’t necessarily the qualification I’d be working towards, but the opportunity to work in a thriving, busy environment for a year. Not only would this year give me the experience of working in a bustling agency, it would also help me understand whether a career in marketing was right for me.

With this drive to make my gap year a productive one, I began my apprenticeship search and came across a Content Apprenticeship role at BlueFrog Media.

BlueFrog Media sparked my interest immediately. A new, upcoming digital marketing agency was right up my street and I was intrigued as to what exactly they did and what my role would be like there. After two nerve wracking interviews and a week left in suspense, I received confirmation that I had got the role!

content writer apprenticeship

Nearly a year later, with my apprenticeship coming to an end, I can honestly say that becoming an apprentice at BlueFrog was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Forget making tea rounds, filing and taking notes on meetings – my apprenticeship threw me into a genuine job role straight away and my work has been challenging and oh-so rewarding.

What else have I learnt? I’ve learnt that heading away to university isn’t the only option to launch a career in marketing. My deferred place at university has been cancelled and I’ll be working on a part time basis towards an FdA in Business Management in September, whilst still being a full time frog here in the pond. 🐸