design apprenticeship Think you need a degree to become a Graphic Designer? Not always the case! Beth’s story to becoming a full-time designer started with a Graphic Design apprenticeship at BlueFrog Media…

Throughout school and college, I was always a keen designer with an eye for all things creative. So, after a fairly uninspiring year working in retail, alongside doubts about whether I should go to uni, I was excited to discover an advert online promoting an upcoming Graphic Design apprenticeship with a local company called BlueFrog Media.

I’d never heard of BlueFrog before, but after some quick research and a scan of the website, I soon decided that it looked like a fun and engaging place to work – a modern digital marketing agency specialising in social media, with a broad range of interesting clients and a friendly team.


graphic designer at bluefrog

Following an interview and a further meeting with some of the managers, I was really pleased to hear that I’d been chosen for the apprenticeship! Upon starting, I quickly settled in with the other members of the design team and began to learn about the sorts of jobs I’d be doing, as well as the units of work I’d be covering through college for my NVQ and BTEC certificate.

My day-to-day work as a design apprentice has involved creating social media images for clients, producing printed items such as posters and flyers, designing logos and an array of other creative tasks. I definitely feel that learning these skills in a real-life working environment has been more beneficial to me than a traditional classroom setting – especially considering that graphic design is such a hands-on subject. I’m also glad that I’ve worked alongside my colleagues on genuine jobs instead of having the stereotypical apprentice experience of making tea and sorting paperwork!

apprentices at bluefrog media


I will be completing my apprenticeship in September and I’m looking forward to gaining my qualification in Digital & Creative Media. I then intend to stay on as a full-time Graphic Designer at BlueFrog, where I will continue expanding my creative abilities and furthering my knowledge of the design world.