Facebook for business in 2018

Here at BlueFrog we’re based in beautiful North Devon, an area that relies heavily on tourism. Therefore January, and the out of season period, can be a challenging time for businesses. We’re sure it’s the same throughout the country for many companies relying on retail. After the rush of Christmas, Boxing Day sales, New Year celebrations and spontaneous purchases, January can often be difficult to secure sales, guests or bookings.

With that in mind, discover how you can use Facebook to help with your company’s January lulls…

Making the most of Facebook in January

Facebook for business in January

Many factors impact how the general public make purchases in January. Competitive sales, bad weather and lack of funds are three of the key points. We know any spending will be well thought out and careful after the “it’s Christmas, why not?” vibes of December.

So we’ve got to use Facebook carefully too, as boosting and advert budgets can get expensive whilst many companies compete for the same audience – we want to ensure that organic reach is as large as possible, whilst using a bit of money where needed.

Opportunities to consider

The start of the year is a wonderful time to be looking ahead, and there are a series of things you can keep in mind when producing organic content for your Facebook page:  

New year’s resolutions

Not smoking or drinking, eating more healthily, getting a new job, saving money, doing more exercise – the list goes on. Consider how your company, product or shop can help people reach their goals, both now and in the long run. Facebook content that shows you can help with resolutions will help maintain and grow your audience.

Summer holidays

Be honest – in the middle of a wet and windy January storm when the days are dark, don’t you wish you were on a beach under 12 hours of blue skies instead? So does your audience! Appeal to this and create content that will put you in their holiday plans.

End of the tax year

A lot of companies will be looking at how much money they still have to spend before the end of the fiscal year. If you’re a B2B company, how can you convince them to spend their money with you?

Valentine’s Day

Food and drink, meals out, clothing, trips away, jewellery…use Facebook in January to lay the foundations and convince loved up couples to use your services or buy your products when the month’s pay day comes around.

How to make the most of these opportunities

We’ve listed a few key opportunities above, but we’re sure you can add your own that would suit your company and business goals. Now let’s look at how use can use your Facebook page to make the most of these…

New audiences and adverts

Reaching new audiences with Facebook

The new year could be the ideal time to reach new audiences. Whilst your reliable followers will be pleased to see continued content, a new audience could be the difference between a quiet and a rewarding month of business.

If you know your audience then you’ll understand who you could also be reaching – there are several “hidden” demographics out there that might be ideal for you, that you haven’t so far considered. New parents, retirees or night shift workers are probably all using Facebook outside of the usual hours.

Posts on Facebook could be fitted around the times of your new audience. Could adverts in the middle of the night attract those up at 2am? Your business may not suit this audience, but it’s worth considering. Could adverts targeted at those 65+ be the key to reaching a new audience, as they use Facebook increasingly during their newfound free time?

This could also be the time to consider using retargeting ads, to show ads to Facebook users who have previously visited your website but didn’t make a purchase. They might still be tempted to buy in January, particularly if the item they were looking at has been reduced. We look at Facebook adverts and boosting in this blog.

Tone of voice

Using the right tone of voice is extremely important for your brand identity, but when trying to tempt in new customers, consider how your tone of voice may need to be adapted.

Say you’re a gym, for example. Most of the year you might be targeting fitness fanatics and you’ll know how they want to be spoken to – is this the same for those who have made new year’s resolutions to join the gym? Speak to people as they want to be spoken to and you’ll be sure to keep that conversation going.

Engaging content

January is a brilliant time to try some new content, that people will enjoy and get involved with. It’s always refreshing after the hard sales in Black Friday and Christmas gift posts.

You can now create poll posts on Facebook, an opportunity to ask questions, have fun and start some conversations. If you sell specific products, try asking people which they prefer. If one of your key selling points is location, then a poll on the surrounding area could go down well.

User generated content is a key part of any good Facebook page, and whilst it can be difficult to source it’s worth the effort. Photographs of someone using your product or facilities show you off, which is always a win.

Sometimes customers may forget to directly tag you in posts talking about your brand. This is one reason why social listening (monitoring mentions of your brand on social) is a must, so you don’t miss great snippets of user generated content.

Social media trends, memes, gifs and tag-able images are very popular engaging types of content, as are relatable quotes. By using these regularly and matching them to your company and tone of voice, we’re sure you’ll see an increase in comments and reactions on posts.  


You’ve got a new audience liking your page, you’re getting engagements and you need to keep it going….competitions!

With everyone’s pockets a little lighter post-Christmas, January is the perfect time to offer fans the chance to win a freebie. They create a buzz about an event or product and when questions are included along with asking entrants to like the post and comment, you’ll keep this momentum going.

Do one in January, and you’ll generate interest in your services and those who don’t win may be interested in buying anyway.

Essential tools

We recommend that you have these tools running to discover how your social media is performing in January, and to compare it to the rest of the year.

essential tools for social media

Facebook adverts and boosts

As mentioned previously, sponsored posts on Facebook can support your campaign and bring in a new audience. Discover everything you need to know


This is a code placed on your website, that gathers information and provides an insight to the actions of people on your site. Then, back on Facebook this information helps target any previously unknown demographics (like we mentioned earlier) so you can build your audience and target customers in the correct way. As they say, “know your audience” and Pixel will do this for you.

Check out this Facebook video to discover more:

Google Analytics

This is the essential way to assess if what you’re doing on Facebook is working. After setting your objectives and creating posts that match, you will want to assess the success of the post. Then should you do it again, adapt it, or try something new? You won’t know without the correct results to guide you.

Google Analytics does take time and attention. If there’s anything we can do to help, get in contact.

This video is a nifty introduction:

We hope there are a lot of points here to take away and use. With Facebook tactics that work for your business, you too can avoid January lulls in the future.

get sales in January with Facebook

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