updating your Facebook business page

In today’s world, updating your Facebook business page is as important as updating your website homepage.

It’s the first place potential customers will land before they decide whether to shop from, support or visit you. For a great deal of businesses though, keeping Facebook up-to-date falls somewhere near the bottom of their social media to-do list.

This is no surprise. The list of tasks to take care of when it comes to social is ever-growing. But neglecting your brand’s page could cost you, so it is well worth dedicating time to a Facebook spring clean.

Refresh your Facebook business page

Why should you make updating your Facebook business page a priority?

First and foremost, to attract customers. If they land on your page and find dated imagery in your profile picture and cover photo, or posts that aren’t relevant to them, they’re not going to hit the like button or engage with your content.

If people are sticking around on your page but find that the information it includes is incorrect, that’s inconvenient for them. We all want to rely on Facebook pages for info like opening times or contact details. If yours are wrong, you risk losing customers to competitors who keep theirs up to date.

It’s not just a disadvantage to fans if your page is stuck in 2014. It also affects your overall Facebook strategy, even your complete marketing strategy.

Take the BlueFrog Media page as an example. When we began to take our company branding in a different direction, we knew a Facebook overhaul was in need. Posts and images that no longer fitted with our brand guidelines or were relevant to our revised target audience were removed.

These changes have meant our Facebook page is aligned with BlueFrog’s overall branding, working as part of our wider marketing strategy.   

It’s time to give your Facebook an overhaul if…

Your profile picture, cover photo and pinned post are out of date

Who’s guilty of leaving the same profile picture, cover photo and pinned post year round?

You’re not alone – it’s easy to have generic imagery or messaging and do without the hassle of changing them on a regular basis.

It is so worth making the effort to freshen these up, though, to promote seasonal offers, new services, or any current marketing campaign. Everyone who visits your page sees these and they also appear in news feeds, doubling their impact.  

Updating your Facebook cover photo

The About Us information is incorrect

Businesses are always evolving, and your About Us information should reflect that. At the very least, everything in this section should be accurate. If you take a look now and see incorrect details then a refresh is a must.

Edit your bio to show off your latest service offerings, upload photos of your newest menu, add in your latest awards, update opening times – whatever you think will be valuable to customers and best showcase your business.  

The people engaging on your page are not your target audience

Have you delved into who is interacting with the content you post, or who your followers are? If you notice that they aren’t people with an actual interest in your products or services, something needs to change.

The best way to solve this is probably an overhaul of your content strategy. Look through your posts and consider if they hit the right tone of voice for your target audience and if they are engaging enough.

If you find that you’ve not been paying enough attention to what your ideal fanbase would enjoy, then review the content you have planned and make tweaks accordingly.

You can also plan in some boosted posts or ads, using Facebook’s detailed targeting to attract the right audience to your page.

There has been a dip in engagement and link clicks

Another sign you need to review the content you post is a drop in engagement and/or link clicks.

This could mean your fans are growing bored of the content you’re posting or that it’s not meeting Facebook’s latest criteria for valuable content. See it as an opportunity to brainstorm new ideas and try out different ways of getting customers to complete CTAs. Don’t forget to review the results too.

Facebook engagement

You’re not making the most of new Facebook features

Facebook are continually adding features to create an appealing business page. Making the most of these will help you stand out from competitors. How about uploading a video clip as your cover photo, or revising the CTA on the button that appears at the top of the page? 

Add page button on Facebook

If reading this post has left you feeling a complete overhaul of your Facebook business page is needed and you’re unsure where to start, we’re ready to chat about ways we can help.

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