BlueFrog Media Operations Manager, Kim

What’s the Operations Manager at a social media marketing agency responsible for? Kim, BlueFrog Media’s very own Operations Manager who oversees our community management services, has answered our questions to give you the lowdown on her role and department.

Introduce yourself.

Hey, I’m Kim and I’m the Operations Manager at BlueFrog Media.

What is your department responsible for?

My department is responsible for the community management service we provide for our clients – so we respond to all enquiries, comments and messages that come through on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. We also provide a review management service, so the team respond to any reviews that come through, both positive and negative.

What has kept you working here for so long?

The culture of the company; it’s a great environment to work in. Everyone works together to ensure that we are continuously reviewing our processes and services so we can provide our clients with the highest level of service. We work very hard, but manage to keep things lighthearted.

Tell us something people don’t know about you.

I actually studied Psychology with Sociology at university and have a degree in Psychological Studies. I like to learn, so have just got a Diploma in Accounting and Bookkeeping and I am currently studying for a Diploma in HR. Oh, and I have trekked to Machu Picchu!

Why do you think community management is so important?

Community management is so important for brands as it is a way of communicating with fans and guests, especially in today’s world where it is so easy to communicate via your phone. It’s a great way to get the word out there about your business, and through the engagement you can make sure you stand out.

It’s also really important as a customer service tool; engaging with people who are not so happy and limiting the damage. People tend to check reviews and comments before visiting or buying, so if they see that the company has engaged with the negatives too, it signals that they value customers.

We can also be the soft sales team, so we look out for opportunities and buying signals and ‘plant the seed’ through engagement. There is no need to go in for a hard sell when you can engage through human conversation – we’re not robots, so it’s much more natural.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I love how varied it is. Social media is forever evolving so we need to ensure that we are adapting with it. I don’t get to engage as much as I used to, but when I do get chance it’s great, especially with such a broad range of clients.

What do you find to be most challenging about it?

There is quite a bit of time management and prioritisation involved. I do love a good list to help keep me on track!

What are the values that drive you?

Loyalty and hard work – I think your actions speak volumes.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I really enjoy exploring new places, home or away. Getting outside is always a must – it helps me to relax and clear my mind.

We know you’re a big lover of spicy food. Where’s the best place to go for something a bit spicy around North Devon?

Well, I don’t have a favourite. However, I would definitely recommend going to any of the food festivals when they are on. You get to try everything!

How do you think BlueFrog compares to others in the industry?

We’re really passionate about all of our services, and our ability to adapt to each client’s individual needs makes us stand out. We fit in with their current processes and do a lot of research to make sure that we are reflecting their brand ethos in what we do, becoming an extension of them.

Why do you think the out of hours element of our service so important?

Social media never sleeps – that’s why we offer a 365 day a year service from 9am – 9pm. After 5pm we receive booking enquiries, general enquiries for people who are looking to make plans, complaints…the list goes on! With most people working Monday to Friday, 9-5, it means that they don’t necessarily have time to go on social until the evenings or weekends.

What would you say to someone unsure about our service if one of their competitors was already on board?

We don’t look at it like that – there are no favourites. The team see each client through their brand standards, tone of voice and objectives. We have a lot of different restaurants, some independant and some bigger brands, and apply the same passion to all of them. It’s all about promoting products and services, getting table bookings, assisting with general enquiries, intercepting complaints and spreading positive brand awareness, whichever client we’re working on.

What initially sparked your interest in social media management?

Social media actually found me. I had a customer service, catering and hospitality, marketing and sales background, so I was able to transfer this into how I viewed social media from a business perspective.

What features would you say make a strong team?

Good communication is key!

Do you have any tips for budding community management executives?

Always have customer service in the back of your mind – what sort of response would you like to receive if you were the person commenting or making the enquiry? What would leave a lasting impression?

If Kim’s insight into her world at BlueFrog has left you intrigued about our community management services, feel free to get in touch here, on Facebook or Twitter. Whether it’s a question about packages or simply a response to one of Kim’s answers, we are always ready to chat.

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