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Event Promotion on Social Media for Dartmoor Killing

Client Case Study

Dartmoor Killing

Peter Nicholson, Director and writer, is the man behind award-winning film Dartmoor Killing. Here he describes how he promoted the premiere of his film with help from local partner, Bluefrog Media.

Challenge: Maximising social media to promote an event

“When I began the psychological thriller Dartmoor Killing, I never expected it to end up available on Netflix in North America, Australia and New Zealand, as well as selling to other international territories. Publicity of the film began with our premiere, supported by BlueFrog.

“Planning our premiere event was an ambitious project, as we wanted to achieve atmospheric evening screenings at New Bridge on Dartmoor on 4th - 6th September 2015 in partnership with Dartington Barn Cinema.

“One of our key concerns was how to create awareness of the event and ensure it was well-attended, knowing this would be vital to giving our film a solid start in terms of publicity and popularity.

Solution: PR & Social Media Support from BlueFrog

“Determined to create a buzz through the premiere, we enlisted the help of BlueFrog Media. They provided a high level of marketing support during the promotion of the film, developing a three month social media campaign on Twitter in the run up the outdoor event on Dartmoor and the theatrical cinema release.

“Over the three months they increased our following on Twitter dramatically, creating a greater awareness of the film, its premiere and release strategy. Plus, they oversaw all social interactions, which ranged from answering enquiries on cinema dates and viewing times and locations, to simply introducing new followers to the film. They also provided us with Facebook consultancy which included setting up and managing event pages for the premiere, as well as how to make the most of the Facebook audience and sponsored posts leading up to the event.

Benefits: A successful event and ongoing success for Dartmoor Killing

“The premiere and cinema release were a huge success, and BlueFrog played a vital role in making it so. Without their comprehensive social campaign, we simply would not have had generated the same amount of interest in our project.

“The success of the event was proven by our win at The Screen Awards 2016. We picked up the Premiere of the Year (99 Sites and Under) Award, adding to the Best Screenplay awarded at Tulsa International Film Festival and Best Thriller at the National Film Academy Awards 2016.

“The Screen Awards celebrate excellence in UK Cinema marketing, distribution and exhibition. We couldn’t be more proud that our tiny budget event, which sold out to 1000 people across the weekend, has been recognised for excellence and innovation by the industry, especially considering many campaigns have budgets hundreds of thousands of pounds more than ours.

“In the awards, we were up against Oscar winning film Son of Saul, Scottish Film Sunset Song, and the Nottingham Forest football documentary I Believe in Miracles which premiered to a stadium of 60,000 fans, so it was a hotly contested category.

“We look forward to the film’s continued success. It has been an incredible learning experience and I am grateful for all of the support from BlueFrog Media throughout the journey.”

Rich Evans, Operations Director at Bluefrog Media said; “This was a really exciting project for us and we are proud of the success of Dartmoor Killing and are delighted to have been an instrumental part of their marketing strategy."

“Since working with Dartmoor Killing, we developed many online campaigns around event promotion and awareness whilst managing the day-to-day communication on social media to maximise opportunities.

“Working on this campaign with Peter illustrates how PR support fluidly works alongside social media to create anticipation towards an event, enhancing the reach and success of an online campaign."

“It is fantastic to see how a local production has resulted in international success and we look forward to future collaborations.”

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Dartmoor Killing

BlueFrog are such a great, kind and welcoming team. They've worked alongside us since day one and have become an integral part of our team, thinking outside of the box to help us really stand out. No question is too small and their work and dedication has been instrumental in our growth. We cannot thank them enough for the work so far, and cannot wait to see what we do together next. - Mallow & Marsh