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Our work with Kettle Chips

Not every mention of your brand on social media will have your handle tagged in. The following case study showcases why monitoring these conversations through social listening has been valuable for one BlueFrog client, Kettle & Metcalfe’s. It was providing social customer service outside of their usual office hours - Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm- that proved difficult for Kettle. They began outsourcing to individuals to monitor social pages on weekends and evenings, but they were always working an hour behind, resulting in a delayed response for customers. What’s more, because their customer service on social was being handled by multiple people, there was a lack of consistency in how enquiries and complaints were dealt with, impacting on the quality of their social customer service.

Feeling they could and should be providing a better service for their customers, Kettle agreed a social media strategy with BlueFrog. With a significant number of indirect mentions about their products on social every day, foodie brands Kettle & Metcalfe’s were struggling to keep on top of social listening. They were also aware that thousands of conversations relevant to their industry were taking place each day on social, but did not have the time or resources to dedicate to monitoring and taking part in these in-house. Knowing they were missing out on winning customers, vital feedback, and helping their customers, they came to us for social listening services as part of a social media management package.

The first step of our social listening work for Kettle & Metcalfe’s was to agree a list of keywords. Top of that list were their brand names, as well as product names, campaign hashtags and other terms closely linked to their products. Using Sprout Social software we’re able to monitor all phrases and hashtags in one place. Where appropriate, we then strike up conversations, retweet/like posts, engage with feedback, and pass anything we think the Kettle & Metcalfe’s team would like to see back to them. Following their tone of voice, we are able to have fun and be cheeky with fans, who are always happily surprised when they unexpectedly receive a response from the brand pages.

Our social listening service for Kettle is a great aid for building brand awareness, since a fun reply to a keyword mention helps the brand stand out and warms customers to them. More than just leaving a great impression with customers, regular social listening has meant complaints and general feedback - both positive and negative - shared by people who do not tag in brand handles is dealt with. This is helpful to Kettle’s fans from a customer service point of view, as well to the brand itself, since any feedback can be taken on board and used to improve their products and service.


Thank you for all your incredible work, which helps us to navigate really busy periods and still deliver great service to our consumers. We really do appreciate that you do all of this with amazing attitudes and without a word of complaint. Your competence in handling all this has given us fewer things to worry about, which has been a big relief. - Natasha Jones, Digital Marketing Manager, Kettle Foods