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Our work with Kwik Fit

Since its foundation in 1971, Kwik Fit has become one of the UK’s biggest chains of car servicing centres. Specialising in fast-fitting repairs for tyres, brakes and exhausts, there are currently over 600 Kwik Fit centres in the UK alone. With such a vast range of services, it was difficult for Kwik Fit to keep on top of its social presence, let alone be there for its customers, so they turned to BlueFrog for help.

In recent years, customer support via social media has become not an option for brands, but a requirement - customers expect it, and have become accustomed to seeking advice for complaint resolution and general queries over Twitter and Facebook rather than through traditional means of contact. Yet for Kwik Fit, with over 600 separate centres across the UK - the largest network of fast-fit centres in the country - almost all open 7 days a week, this was a challenge. Without a dedicated social team, its digital presence was a challenge. With an additional onslaught of often hundreds of reviews daily that were often going unanswered and the sheer volume of enquiries above the threshold for any in-house customer service team to navigate, what Kwik Fit really needed was a team purely dedicated to social media enquiries.

BlueFrog began working with Kwik Fit in 2018, implementing a full Community Management service from 9am until 9pm every day, 365 days per year, to respond to all enquiries across Kwik Fit’s Facebook and Twitter profiles. We worked with the client to identify the preferred tone of voice to shape our interactions, which in this case was informative, helpful and professional. The team were briefed with a full interaction guide, specifying common enquiries, as well as a bit of background and insight into the standard clientele of Kwik Fit to ensure a good comprehension of the business and its requirements.

Responding to everything from service complaints or compliments to enquiries about booking a fitting or the availability of various stock, we also work closely with Kwik Fit to stay up to date with garage services as well as in-store and online offers and updates on a brand level as well as a centre by centre basis. We helped to manage Flash Sales across the brand social pages to increase engagement and brand awareness. Kwik Fit also signed up for a full Review Management service across the platforms of Trustpilot and Google. Across both of these, they receive on average 3,800 reviews per month, all of which were previously going unanswered. Now, every single review is being answered regardless of its content; where positive reviews are received, we thank the customer, whilst for negatives we provide a contact link and invite them to speak directly to the customer service team.

This was the first stage of looking to create an improved brand reputation, particularly in regards to its digital presence. We use Simply Measured, a tool for brand-wide social listening measuring brand awareness, as well as the relevant industry, and the competitors and influencers within it. We report to the client daily with updates on overall brand sentiment, as well as providing a report generated monthly which reviews conversations, key words and the aforementioned sentiments. Subsequently, we’re able to keep track of Kwik Fit’s reputation and its audience’s behaviours. Thanks to the work from our Community Management team, Kwik Fit don’t have to worry about monitoring their online presence or social media management - we do this for them. BlueFrog has become an extension of the brand’s customer service team.

With our 9am until 9pm service hours, we can ensure that response times are quicker than ever, decreasing the level of customer frustration that can arise when immediate solutions are not offered to problems. Kwik Fit’s Facebook response rate is now at 96% after working with us. Our team work every day of the year, even when the internal customer relations team don’t - for example, should something arise at 8pm on Christmas Day, we’re on hand to pick it up. With an increased frequency of response rate and speediness, Kwik Fit’s online reputation has only improved. Its customers know that the company is there for them even at unsociable hours; meanwhile, we’ve been able to intercept complaints before they require escalation, often converting them into wins by communicating with the customer and showcasing a high quality level of customer care and concern.

The Review Management campaign has been hugely successful, and once again has improved the online reputation of the client remarkably as it advocates a concern for customer experience, and demonstrates an awareness of its social presence and duty towards Kwik Fit clients. Despite the high volume of reviews received across Kwik Fit, our team take the time to answer each one with a unique, relevant response; in the last 6 months, we have subsequently managed over 21,000 reviews across approximately 580 sites. By using Simply Measured for social listening, Kwik Fit are constantly aware of their brand sentiment across social media, which has become essential for businesses not only for engaging with their clientele online, but for being prepared for any potential PR scenarios that could emerge. Should any situation arise across social media, rather than being taken by surprise, the brand can be well prepared and with our help tackle it in advance.


We have been working with BlueFrog to engage with our customers on Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business and TrustPilot. They have enabled us to interact with customers and answer their queries across all of these platforms. By responding to feedback in a timely and professional manner, the perception of our brand on social media has improved. The team at BlueFrog provide professional yet personalised responses to demonstrate that all customer feedback is valued and taken on board. - Kwik Fit