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Our work with Lucinda Ellery

The client was aware that they were not engaging with their audiences enough on their social platforms, resulting in a lack of growth and community feel among the business pages. Our task was to keep growing the pages but maintain the friendly feel that the brand had created. As well as creating effective content and helpful and concise interactions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Managing two brand pages for the client meant we had some freedom to engage with a wider audience. Creating social ads to target potential and new customers to the page and build awareness as well as posting factual content to keep current users engaged. We introduced a monthly blog post that would also help drive traffic to the website as well as providing further information about the brand to its customers. Making sure our interactions were informative as well as being factually correct for a client like this was also super important, in depth training was provided to ensure this would be the case.

Since working with Lucinda Ellery, engagement on their social pages has dramatically increased through the use of Facebook adverts, relevant content and great interactions being made across both pages. With regular contact with the client we are able to influence the social activity and provide solutions to any objectives set out. Creating content for Facebook, Twitter and a monthly blog meant we could keep audiences engaged on a regular basis, creating a brand community and being there from a customer service point of view. Page likes have seen a huge growth and the client has seen a large amount of customer referrals through their social channels. Overall they are thoroughly impressed with the service provided to them.