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Our work with wagamama

Despite social media becoming the preferred method of communication for most of us, research shows that brands are letting people down with their social customer service. Customers expect an answer within one hour, especially when it comes to hospitality - they want to book tables, find information and share feedback via social. Yet they are often left without a response at all. How did we help Japanese-inspired restaurant chain wagamama step up their social customer service?

It was providing social customer service outside of their usual office hours - Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm - that proved difficult for wagamama. They began outsourcing to individuals to monitor social pages on weekends and evenings, but they were always working an hour behind, resulting in a delayed response for customers. What’s more, because their customer service on social was being handled by multiple people, there was a lack of consistency in how enquiries and complaints were dealt with, impacting on the quality of their social customer service. Feeling they could and should be providing a better service for their customers, wagamama agreed a social media strategy with BlueFrog.

We are now the voice of wagamama on their brand pages between 9am-9pm, 365 days a year across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This leaves the absolute minimum time for customer enquiries to be left unanswered. Our team are trained to reflect the brand’s unique tone of voice, and together with wagamama, we have developed a comprehensive interactions guide that we are continually adding to and keeping up-to-date. This includes the processes we have put in place to ensure common enquiries and feedback can be responded to as quickly as possible. For instance, we receive update emails as and when dates and changes are confirmed, such as menu amendments.

With 9am-9pm monitoring of pages, wagamama have noticed a significant improvement in their social customer service, especially response times. They have commented that our ‘response time is great and this has really helped both us and our customers, especially outside ‘normal’ office hours.’ Customers who message the page outside of office hours and receive a timely and helpful response are given a great impression of the chain, building brand loyalty. The more streamlined approach has also been a time-saver for the company, as we are able to handle the majority of enquiries directly, without needing to contact members of the wagamama team. As well as improving customer service, the strategy has benefited their social presence overall. Our fun, informative and cheeky interactions on their behalf mean they have seen social engagement and interaction increase considerably since we have been on board.


bluefrog have been so helpful from the initial quote, to set up right the way through to full implementation. we have seen our social engagement + interaction increase considerably since they have been onboard. their response time is great + this has really helped both us and our customers, especially outside ‘normal’ office hours. they have been more than accommodating when we have asked for assistance + quotes for additional work + are happy to provide suggestions on what could work best for our brand - wagamama