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Community Management

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Community Management

Our Community Management team work behind the social profiles of your business to provide exemplary service and support to your customers. Working 9am-9pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, they’re on hand to ensure that you’re always there for your customers when they need you, whether it’s an evening, weekend, or even Christmas Day. We’ll work with you to establish a bespoke interactions plan, whether that includes a full service answering all enquiries across the popular social networking sites, or jumping in as-and-when to help with an out of hours service.

Adaptable and experienced, our team will undergo training to understand your business inside and out, implementing a practiced tone of voice to reflect the values and established personality of your brand to sound as natural as if they were working from in-house. In addition, we’ll learn all there is to know about your business and its clientele, to ensure all responses are of high quality, informative and natural. We’ll shape our interactions to meet the specific goals of your business - whether that’s to drive engagement, positive reviews, sales, or simply to provide customer care when you don’t have the time. We aim to accommodate, always striving to increase your ROI, whether it involves flash sales, competitions, or even the implementation of social listening to help you to understand brand sentiment and jump in to conversations that otherwise might have been missed.

Specialising in the catering and hospitality industry, we’ve worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands, restaurants and hotels to become an extension of their own customer service departments. We can offer assistance in table bookings, complaint resolution and crisis control, as well as working to maintain brand love, encourage brand awareness, respond to reviews or simply answer general enquiries in a timely manner. Whatever your goals are, our Community Management team will work with you to meet them.

Table Booking Service

A message on social is the go-to method of making reservations for many people, being the most convenient form of communication - but keeping on top of them for restaurant owners, managers and waiting teams is increasingly difficult. So, if your goal is to fill seats in your pub or restaurant, we can offer a table booking service to help you secure those reservations.

We can create content reminding people of your special offers, menus and services, and most importantly, invite them to book directly through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by privately messaging the page. Through our interaction management, we can gather details of their booking - from the number in their party to special dietary requirements and contact details - before calling your team to check availability and make the booking or directing them to online booking systems if preferred. We also actively create bookings through conversations we strike up with your audience on your social pages.

We want to save you time and minimise unnecessary calls to you as much as possible; that’s why we record dates you are fully booked and food service times. Here we explain how we have helped one client manage and maximise table bookings through Facebook.

Customer service through social

Providing customer service on social media is no longer a choice for brands; it’s a necessity. But for many, it’s too time consuming to manage alone. That’s where our Community Management can help. We will monitor all enquiries and respond on your behalf, saving the time of busy waiting staff and management by acting as your voice. This includes complaint management; we respond to negative feedback and liaise with you on how you would like this handled.

Often we pick up live complaints, where the guest is still seated in your restaurant. Where you may not have spotted this until they have already left, we can respond immediately and alert your team, so they have the chance to resolve this in-house. Our Social Reputation and Crisis Control processes will also be agreed with you, so we can minimise reputational damage from incidents that find their way onto social media. See how we have become an extension of an in-house Customer Service team for one of our clients and get in touch if it’s something you would like our help with.


The importance of social customer service can't be underestimated and BlueFrog were our first choice to manage it. - Papa John's Pizza

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