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Reputation and Crisis Control

Management strategies to protect your brands reputation

Social Reputation and Crisis Control

If you are in the service industry, it is essential to have an issue management strategy in place on social media. From food poisoning, to negative guest experiences, to disgruntled former employees, anything and everything can reach your social pages, quickly gain traction and damage reputation. Incidents can make their way onto social at anytime of the day, outside usual office hours or when your management team are unable to check social pages, and before you know it, have reached thousands of potential customers or the press.

Our issue management service includes monitoring interactions 9am-9pm, every day of the year. This means that, in most cases, we are the first to see mentions that could be harmful to our clients’ brand on social. As soon as these come to our attention, we were able to liaise with the client and agree appropriate talk lines, so we can swiftly respond to posts and comments, minimising potential reputational damage. We can also monitor keywords related to the brand or particular campaigns, which again allow us to quickly respond and be proactive on behalf of the business. What could become a PR crisis for a client can be contained, thanks to having issue management processes agreed, allowing us to swifty take action.

Since we monitor pages 9am-9pm every day, this takes the pressure off the client to be available outside of their usual working hours; we are able to continue monitoring the situation in the evening, with points of contact agreed should anything arise that needs their attention and update reports issued hourly when needed. Similarly, our team are on hand 365 days a year and have been relied on to monitor situations during the Christmas period and bank holidays, meaning no interruption to our clients’ holiday time. To discuss how we can support your brand and avoid reputational damage, get in touch.


bluefrog have been amazing helping us to protect our brand reputation + their ‘always on’ approach means we don’t need to worry outside office hours. their approach to crisis management is fantastic + they are happy to tailor to our needs + adjust with minimal notice - wagamama

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