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Review Management

Ensuring each and every customer receives a response

Review Management

How many reviews does your business receive through various platforms per day? How many are being responded to? When reviews are managed, your customers know that you care. There’s a huge value in the acknowledgement of feedback, whether it’s good or bad. That said, we appreciate the difficulty in finding the time to do so - as well as finding a fresh, genuine way of saying it time and time again when you’re receiving thousands per month. Most customers only want to be acknowledged for their feedback and returning customers want to feel their custom is valued.

Responding to all reviews will help improve net promoter scores and show guests or customers that you have their best interests in hand. All reviews should be treated equally and unique responses created for all. By taking the time to listen to, acknowledge and respond to fans feedback it helps to strengthen the brand reputation, especially when the review is negative It is important to be consistent where you are responding to reviews online, so if answering on TripAdvisor best practice would be to also respond on Google too.

With our Review Management service, we can ensure that each and every one of your customers receives a response. We don’t use templates, we use innovative thinking to gage unique, relevant replies for each and every problem, whether this entails providing customer service contact details for negative reviews, or thanking pleased customers and encouraging a returning visit or further engagement. The benefits of review management are invaluable, with opportunities to enhance brand love, improve your reputation and win back unhappy customers - as well as measuring brand sentiment, listening to your guests, and gaining valuable feedback throughout.

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We have been working with BlueFrog to engage with our customers on Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business and TrustPilot. They have enabled us to interact with customers and answer their queries across all of these platforms. By responding to feedback in a timely and professional manner, the perception of our brand on social media has improved. The team at BlueFrog provide professional yet personalised responses to demonstrate that all customer feedback is valued and taken on board. - Kwik Fit

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