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Social and Website Audits

Detailed audits that contain the key data your business needs

Social Media Audits

We aim to provide a business with a detailed audit across all or a choice of social media platforms, profiles and websites. The findings of your audit can guide your business to make informed decisions about where improvements can be made and which pages or sites are performing well. Each platform has specific criteria which can be customised to grade and audit social profiles on. This contributes towards a weighted final grade. The final grade weighting can be split between the platforms we audit evenly, or we can weight the final grade to give a platform more importance.

Results can be filtered by platform to see how many locations do specific elements of managing a social profile e.g. responding to PMs or Reviews. User generated profiles such as check in pages can also be identified for a full view of how many pages represent your brand online. You would receive a comprehensive audit detailing each location or site and the platform, graded. This provides a bigger picture on the current state of health of social profiles, especially those within a location structure.

Website SEO Audit

We aim to enable website owners to quickly assess how well their site is performing and inform decisions on future investments. How is the site currently performing in Google’s search results, where is the opportunity to improve your targeted outcomes and we will provide prioritised recommendations to improve performance.

The review provides a report of the site’s performance in the key areas of visitor acquisition including: Issues that could adversely affect site performance and performance measurement, how the site is currently performing in Google organic search, what could your site be achieving and how could the site draw more visitors? You would have a comprehensive report setting out our findings and prioritised recommendations for improvements. Carried out on a regular basis, these reports can form a key part of a rolling review and update process for your social media presence and/or website.


BlueFrog offer great account management, putting exceptional effort into understanding us as a business and our needs. Their combination of excellent copywriting, marketing and SEO skills mean we are able to rely on one company for a complete marketing package, rather than using several different freelancers. There is no unnecessary jargon with them - they’re a pleasure to work with. - DCUK

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