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Social Media Management

Get the most out of your social with our services tailored to your requirements

Social Media Management

Our approach to social media management encompasses a variety of services designed to gain - or maintain - a loyal and dedicated brand following across your social networking profiles. We recognise that each of our clients - and their businesses - are unique, and that there’s no one size fits all for social media management. We will work closely with you to determine your specific KPIs, and from there devise a bespoke strategy with you.

Account Management

Each of our clients are assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager, who will liaise directly with you to identify your key goals as well as the most efficient way to reach them. With regular contact and meetings, we’ll work to establish a relationship that best suits you - whether you want to have direct involvement with the planning process, or whether you don’t have the time and are looking to entrust us entirely with the strategy, we’ll accommodate your requirements.

Plans are drawn up in advance, allowing all clients an adequate amount of time to review the strategy and edit as necessary. Similarly, content is prepared a week in advance to accommodate for any last minute changes, promotions or further amendments.

At the end of each month, our Relationship Managers generate reports for all clients based around your business objectives and KPIs with an ROI focus. Always looking to apply their expert knowledge in a way that can benefit the business, our Relationship Managers will regularly update you on their own recommendations on the best way to enhance your social media strategy for the highest marketing results.

Content Creation

Each client will be allocated a Content Creator who will, working closely with your Relationship Manager, create your content on a week by week basis. Your KPIs and social media goals taken into account, you’ll have a certain number of posts going out on social per week across the relevant platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google. We’ll work with you to establish the feel for your brand to ensure the content and its tone of voice offers an accurate reflection on social, which we’ll pair with our own industry understanding and experience.

Efficient and responsive, our creative team can accommodate last minute requests for content and advertising and, liaising with our designers, bring it to life. We use a variety of social listening tools to determine trending topics relevant to your industry, devising daily content and interactions where necessary to build your following and increase engagement. We can further drive sales, engagement, reach or brand awareness, through Facebook boosting or paid advertisements.

We can also offer assistance in writing blogs to drive engagement and in-bound link clicks and enhance your website SEO. We’re able to help with email marketing, writing weekly or monthly mailers to tie in with blog or social campaigns or to promote specific events. Where requested, we can also assist with website content, wherein we can further apply our knowledge of SEO to benefit your business in standing out against competitors.


Our dedicated in-house Design team ensures that the creative and visual needs of your business are always met. Creative and passionate, their in-depth understanding of the world of social media marketing is combined with an impressive comprehension of the best graphic design tools available to create visually attractive content.Whether you’ve got an established branding you want us to work with, or whether you’d like to enlist our help in creating a new logo or visual brand identity, we can help. Our designers have experience in both, and hold the versatile skills required to enhance an existing style or create one from scratch.

From creating designs specifically for social media or advertisements, to working on adverts for print or designing imagery for an eye-catching website or email campaign, we’ll work with you on the project to devise it. We can offer assistance in creating videos and GIFs, and although we stay up to date with social media marketing trends, we take an innovative approach wherever possible to help your content stand out and make an impression. We’ll work with the necessary dimensions for the format or site to produce the best quality image to visually support your branding.


BlueFrog Media's creativity and industry experience sets them apart. They’re a hard-working, professional, and flexible team that can truly connect customers with a brand. They’re responsive and flexible, their work has contributed to a significant growth in our follows and fans on Facebook and Twitter and running our competitions. Constantly planning and researching ahead, to keep our fans/followers engaged with relevant and interesting content - Wicked Wolf

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